To connect, or not to connect - a question of leadership?

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Connect, according to the Oxford dictionary means – to make a link …. between one thing and another, between someone and something, between someone and oneself. 


Sounds easy, and it can be, unless it isn’t.


In instances where you are not feeling good, for whatever reason – who doesn’t get out of bed the wrong side every once in a while? – or maybe your counterpart just found out that their car insurance has gone up – again! – ......    and suddenly something so intuitive, so natural to much of human behaviour, of humanity, becomes a lot more difficult than it might be.

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Feiertagswünsche von CLD Business Coaching & Training -

Business Coaching and Training for leaders/Fuehrungskraefte
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Fachlicher Experte*, jetzt Führungskraft, und nun?

Business Coaching and Training for leaders/Fuehrungskraefte

Du hast hart gearbeitet für Dein Expertenwissen.


Jahrelang warst Du in einer Ausbildung, im Studium, in vertiefenden Kursen. Hast Dir den Respekt für Dein Wissen in der Firma und vielleicht auch außerhalb erarbeitet und verdient.


Und nun ist das ‚Ende der Fahnenstange‘ in Deinem Bereich erreicht…. sagt man Dir, ...... zumindest hast Du es so verstanden ….


Fachlich weißt Du alles, was für Dein Unternehmen an der Stelle gerade relevant ist, und während man davon ausgeht, dass Du Dich am laufenden hältst, Karriere-sprünge sind als Experte nicht mehr vorgesehen. 

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My map, your map - is there a right way? For leaders & teams.

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Maybe some of you have experienced a similar situation:


you’re looking at a scene, a painting, a person, and it seems clear to you what is happening, maybe there is even some urgency involved.


For example: an old lady was bumped over by what looks like a boy, who you think might be trying to steal her bag. You feel the urgency and, just to be sure you look for confirmation before you rush over, turn to someone next to you and say: ‘We should help that lady!’


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