Mental wellbeing – how important is it for leaders and teams?

Having just handed in my last assignment for the mental health course in my psychology degree, mental wellbeing and mindfulness have been at the forefront of my thoughts recently. Much of the course was on psychiatric disorders, but the two last chapters were devoted to positive psychology and mindfulness, particularly in the context of teams […]

Meditation – hocus pocus or leadership asset?

I recently did a training on enabling self-organised teams with managers of all levels from a medium-sized online-based business here in Hamburg, and took a big step, for me, with them: I meditated with participants in a training! I included the meditation unit in the training with a view to the change in management roles […]

Agil und Design Thinking

Danke an FutureLearn für weitere super interessante Einblicke in #Agile und#DesignThinking. Ich freue mich darauf, in meinem nächsten Training, User Stories einzusetzen! 🥳 You and your team wish to fulfill your potential? I am your business coach and trainer in Hamburg when it comes to leadership, global teamwork and expat management. Be it business coaching, business training or facilitation, […]

Ein Interview mit Cary Langer-Donohoe, Business Coach, Trainer und Moderatorin

Für die unter Ihnen, die einen Eindruck von mir in Aktion bekommen wollen und für die, die einfach mehr wissen wollen hat LAMA, eine Platform für Gründer, mir die Möglichkeit gegeben, an Ihrer Interviewreihe teilzunehmen. Ich bin dort Gründerin der Woche und freue mich sehr! Finden Sie mehr heraus, warum ich das mache, was ich […]

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