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It’s that time again. I am in a leadership training with and the question pops up: „What tool would you recommend for situation x y ?“ Or a participant puts their hand up and asks for help on a problem that they give outline information on.

Business coaching und training Hamburg Muttersprache native English und Deutsch Cary Langer-DonohoeI already know that, in the end, I will most likely be giving what is to them an unsatisfactory answer.

In both situations the more questions I ask to clarify the situation in question, the more I can see the frustration on the other side.

And why shouldn’t they be? A clear-cut, either/or answer would be a lot easier to wrap anyone’s mind around. In many cases they will have come to the training in the hopes to fill up on many, many tools in order to „arm“ themselves for their daily work as leaders.

Will those tools be able to solve their challenges in leadership? In all likelihood not in and of themselves.

While I know their expectations and hopes, and I could spout out a long list of tools that may or may not cover some of their issues, in daily life, where humans are involved, the application of tool A to situation x, y, or z just doesn’t cut it most of the time.

People are complex beings.

Don’t get me wrong, we do tools in my trainings. In some cases more, in others less, depending on how they will support leaders in their daily work. The usefulness being the main aspect I focus on in my work: if it doesn’t help you, don’t bother with it.

As leader the most useful thing I learned was to use tools authentically.

This means in combination with my own instincts, knowledge and experience, and to involve my teams where possible.

So I try to let my participants down lightly and make sure they can balance the tools and the needs of their employees. They have as much time developing as leadership personalities as they do learning and trying out tools.

It’s the balance that will work.

Being able to authentically connect with your team members, give them a hand and even use a tool, the mix makes it work. Tools that help you do the first two are doubly valuable.

If this has caught your interest, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Business coaching and training Hamburg native English and German Cary Langer-Donohoe